How to Understand Your Mind

Our mind can be used as a tool to do good and bad things. The mind is made up of thoughts, emotions and memories. Some memories are good and hence bring smiles, while bad memories bring sadness. The problem arises when we hold on too strongly to these memories. Then, we start suffocating.

How to Conquer the Mind

We should learn to transcend the ugliness, rejections, dejections and animosities which create negative thoughts. We can do this by ending our dependence on others. When we depend on others, we are prone to hurt and pain. If others do not behave to our liking, we start to sulk.

Do Not Dictate

We cannot get peace of mind if we wish to direct and dictate others. Each person is wired in their own way. So, we cannot make them think and live in the way we want. We need to understand this simple truth. If you are not aware of what you want in life, then you will start depending on others. Other people will realize this and start manipulating you. The mind also needs constant appreciation and affirmation. To get these, we do odd things.

Be Grateful

To live a fulfilling life, we need to accept our true self and start meditating. Do not fret about the past, nor worry about the future. Learn to appreciate the present and and accept it with gratitude. Such an attitude will give us fresh zeal and infinite awareness. Most people are caught in the rat race of gathering more money, bigger house, bigger car, etc. Yet, they are not happy. Their minds still yearn for appreciation from others.

Accept Yourself

We should accept our true self and be happy with it, freeing ourself from dependencies. This will give us immense relief and peace of mind. These feelings cannot be given by others. We need to work our own way towards them. So, start today and do not wait till tomorrow.

Appreciate Nature

When you feel oppressed, take a deep breath and look outside at the sky or a tree. Be thankful for these beautiful natural phenomena and resolve to take the responsibility for your happiness. Transcend all assumptions and pretensions, and live naturally. When you start living in the moment, you will enjoy your life.

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