Meditation For Love and Bliss

Meditation is perhaps the best method to search inward and reach spiritual bliss. Meditation connects us with our soul. We slowly begin to imbibe the positive qualities of our eternal soul such as fearlessness and universal love. Deep meditation leads us to the source from where wisdom arises. We begin to realize that beauty and bliss exist within us. We also overcome the fear of dying.

Fear of Death

Many saints such as Kabir and St Teresa of Avila have stated that death is nothing to be afraid of. We wake up into God after dying, they say.

Other Fears

Most people are troubled by the fear of death, pain and loss. Meditation helps us overcome all these fears as it gives us a glimpse of our immortality. We realize that we commit sin because of ignorance. Meditation breed many virtuous qualities in us such as humility, chastity, truthfulness and non-violence. Self service and meditation should be practiced daily to lead a fulfilling and fearless life.

World Family

As spirituality grows within us, we start to realize that the same light shines in all souls. This breeds connectedness in us and we start to think that the whole world is our family. Our love does not become restricted to near and dear, but extends to all of humanity. All this becomes possible by looking inward through meditation.

State of Intoxication

A sufi saint named Shamas-i-Tabrez revealed his blissful inner state. He averred that his soul, intellect and senses were permanently blissful and intoxicated. He achieved this state by drinking the “wine of love”. Anyone can reach this exalted inner state by practicing meditation regularly, which would breed unconditional universal love in them.

Love From Within

Romantic love makes us think the whole world is colorful, blissful and rosy. Similarly, when we experience inner bliss, we begin to think that the whole world is couched in bliss. We begin to see and feel ecstasy everywhere.

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