Japa Meditation for Bliss

Japa meditation, or chanting the Lord’s name, is the best way to keep your mind on the divine. Intense japa practice can wash away the karmic residues which hinder the attainment of salvation. Through japa, we invoke God’s presence tangibly. Chanting quietens and purifies the mind, helping us attain the absolute. Japa meditation also increases awareness and understanding of our innately divine nature.

Mantra’s Power

A mantra is not just a mere word. Swami Sivananda reveals that it is a divine formula, which when chanted regularly, can help us reach divine consciousness. A mantra is energized by regular repetition.

About Japa Meditation

Japa is a vital vehicle of spiritual sadhana. It makes the practitioner single-minded and focused, enabling them to connect with the supreme. Regular japa meditation cleanses our mind of past garbage. Initially, impure and bad thoughts will be raked up. The mind may run hither and thither. But, with constant practice it will settle down. Once we get used to the rhythm, our mind will continue with the chanting automatically.

Tips for Japa Meditation

  • The best time for meditation is dawn or dusk.
  • You should be regular in your practice and do japa with controlled emotion.
  • While doing japa, you can visualize the visage of your chosen deity.
  • If the mind wavers a lot, practice verbal chanting. This will steady the mind and then you can do mental chanting.
  • Initially, you can use a japamala, or string of beads, for meditation. Later, you can start mental repetition.
  • Japa meditation can generate body heat. Hence, it is advisable to sit on a woolen mat.
  • Sit in a comfortable yoga pose while doing japa.
  • Eat light vegetarian food which can make your thoughts pure.

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