How to Overcome Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is a result of the accumulation of past thoughts. When we think negatively we forget to live in the present. Negative emotions such as fear, resentments, worries, tensions, stress, desires, anxiety and pain occur when we live unconsciously. Sky-high expectations and clinging on to people and objects create bitterness, sadness, jealousies and resentments. All these occur when we either live in the past or are worried about the future.

Live in the Present

If our life is full of perpetual unfulfilled wishes, then we live in turmoil. Many people think it is impossible to live a life without any negativities. But, when we live in the present with gratitude and openness, then we can overcome negative thinking.

Control Your Mind

Become the master of your mind. If your mind takes control, then it will become powerful and you will become a mere pawn of the monkey mind. Try to understand that your mind is mostly either living in the past or looking to the future. So, we should try to live wisely in the present and now. Do not fight any situation, but work things out without any resentment.

Meditation Breeds Awareness

Life happens in the present. So, you should train your mind to enjoy the present moment. This can be achieved by meditating daily. You can get rid off all our negative emotions with awareness and dispassion. Some people think meditation only offers a few escapist moments of bliss. But, as we become adept at meditation, our mind becomes pure and clear.

Witness Your Mind

Whenever your feel any negative emotion rising in your mind, detach yourself and observe your mind and thoughts with dispassion. You will realize that these negative thoughts are just a play of the mind. Do not fight them, but just witness them detachedly and slowly they will lose their power. You will realize that deep inside your mind you are pure and untouched.

Different Strokes

No one method can be suitable for all. Therefore, experiment with various methods of meditation and contemplation, and choose the one suitable for you. Enlightened masters can only show us the way. It is for us to use the opportunity and rise above negativities to reach liberation.

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