What is Hindu Mythology?

Hindu mythology is a colorful cornucopia of Gods, Goddesses, demons and enlightening folk tales. There is a moral behind almost every story in Hindu mythology. Hindus even today revere their Gods and Goddesses and celebrate festivals to honor them. Read on to known get more fascinating insights into

Hindu mythology.

Major Gods in Hindu Mythology


is considered as the creator of the universe. But, he is not prominently worshipped by Hindus. Brahma is said to have four heads.


is considered the preserver of the universe. He is said to have blue skin and sleeps on a huge coiled snake. Vishnu took ten incarnations, often to maintain righteousness in the universe.


is the destroyer and the god of fertility. He is known to have a third eye on his forehead which can destroy by creating fire. At the end of each epoch, Shiva destroys maya or illusion by destructing the cosmic order. Thus, Hindus believe creation and destruction are part of the divine cosmic plan.

Vishnu’s Avatars (Incarnations)

  1. Matsya:

    In this incarnation, Vishnu is born as a huge fish called Matsya to aid Manu (Hindu equivalent of Noah) survive a gigantic flood.

  2. Kurma:

    This is a tortoise incarnation to rescue important treasures from the huge flood.

  3. Varaha:

    A wild boar who pushed up mud from inside the sea in order to create solid land.

  4. Narahimha:

    Half-man, half-lion. Vishnu took this avatar to kill a demon who could not be vanquished by either man or animal.

  5. Vamana:

    As the dwarf avatar, Vishnu out-thought a demon-king who had promised him to give all the land Vamana was able to cover in just three steps. Vamana grew to a gigantic size and his three steps covered the entire universe.

  6. Parashurama:

    The saint-warrior. Parashurama helped the priests gain dominance over the warrior caste.

  7. Lord Rama:

    The righteous king of Ayodhya. Rama is even today revered by Hindus as the ideal human being who never strayed from the righteous path even in times of turmoil.

  8. Lord Krishna:

    The playful and charming God who wins hearts with his guileless antics. Krishna narrates the Bhagavad Gita which serves as a useful guide to the art of living even today.

  9. Buddha:

    The enlightened one. Buddha renounces a life of luxury to search for self-realization. His quest is fulfilled when he gains enlightenment after years of meditation and contemplation.

  10. Kalki:

    This avatar has not yet appeared. Hindus believe Kalki will end the present epoch by destroying all evil. Then, the next cycle of creation and destruction will start again.

Major Goddesses in Hindu Mythology


is the Goddess of knowledge. Students especially revere and worship her to get her blessings to do well in academics.


is the goddess of prosperity, pleasure, beauty, fortune and wealth. On the evening of Diwali, Hindus worship Goddess Lakshmi and seek her blessings and rewards.


is the dark Goddess of destruction. She reminds Hindus that they need not be afraid of death and destruction which are part of the cosmic cycle.

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