How to Cope with Winning and Losing

Winning and losing

are cyclical and natural. Both are not permanent. Today’s loser may well become tomorrow’s victor and vice versa. Most of us know about this, yet we crave to win at all costs and dread to lose.

Our Ego Enjoys Victory

It is our ego that feels joy and happiness when we win. But, our innate true self is oblivious to victory or loss. The soul is beyond

winning and losing

. But, our ego and mind rejoice when pull out a victory over our opponent. When they win, our cricketers become the darlings of the nation. But, when they lose they are derided and their houses stoned. This is the price our cricketing heroes pay for their celebrity status.

The Loser is Important Too

Let’s dwell on the loser for a moment. There would be no winner if there is no loser. If all the other teams suddenly quit playing cricket, what would happen? It would be the end of all contests. Therefore, the losing team also has to be congratulated for taking part and giving their best. So, the winner should show respect to the loser and thank the latter for their participation.

Losing is a Stepping Stone to Victory

The loser is always berated, criticized and ridiculed. Yet, they should not lose heart. They should use the opportunity to rethink and regroup, and emerge a winner the next time around. The loser should learn from their experience and correct their flaws. Thus, losing gives us a great opportunity to perfect ourselves. Losing can indeed be a stepping stone to victory.

The Ideal Competitor

Can we just play the game, have fun and not worry about winning and losing? The Bhagavad Gita says, “Focus on the effort, and not on the reward.” If we put in our best effort and enjoy ourselves in the process,

winning and losing

would cease to matter. In this situation, even if we lose, we would still be as happy as any winner, because of the elation and excitement we feel by giving our best in all situations.

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