Psychology of the Mind

To improve the quality of life and live with purpose we first need to understand the

psychology of our mind

. How does the mind work? Our mind absorbs information, changes it to knowledge and stimulates action. Our speech and actions dictate our life’s quality.

Hard Minds

How does the mind absorb information and input? Wise men opine that most people’s minds are hard as rocks. Therefore, information bounces off the hard minds without getting absorbed. This affects the gaining of knowledge and further action. To remedy this, we should make our minds soft as sponge to absorb fully. This will improve our knowledge and actions.

Ego Creates Rigid Mindset

Why are most people’s minds closed and hard? This is because of our ego. When we come across ideas or situations that differ from our thinking, our mind starts closing and puts up blocks. Our ego creates mindsets, which are self-destructive. As a result, even a simple exchange of ideas becomes an argument, leading to physical or verbal fights.

A Pure Mind is Powerful

We should not be content with merely gathering information. We should use our logic and reasoning to convert the gathered knowledge into wisdom. A pure mind can easily do this conversion, while an impure mind will impede this work.

Introspect Into Your Mind

To live like a divine God, we must make our mind soft and pure. Positive thinking is not enough, we should go beyond and make our thinking divine. This will purify and soften our mind. We should learn to contemplate and introspect about our thoughts and feelings three or four times each day. Did I exhibit calmness or aggression? Did I hurt anybody with my actions or words? We need to be especially careful about what we speak, as the effects of inconsiderate words cannot be effaced.
Such self-review will help us understand the

psychology of the mind

. It will inspire ideas which will transform information to knowledge.

Three Ways to a Better Mind

  • Never try to impose your ideas, thoughts and mindset on others and give them all the freedom to live life according to their wishes.
  • Second, believe that God dwells inside you. The Bible says, “Man is made in the image of God”. But, we forget our divinity in the hustle-bustle of the daily rat race.
  • Third, set aside time for meditation, introspection and contemplation. By using these tools, we can transform our life from mundane to divine.

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