Coping With Problems

We often crib about the problems we face in life. But, if there were no problems, there would be no charm or challenge in life. Problems force us to innovate and invent new things. When we face problems, our curiosity is kindled as to why they happen to us. Thus, we become more spiritual and and inquisitive.

Problems Are Essential

Problems can help us become more compassionate. We can become more mature and sensitive. If we had our own way, we would opt to be rich and without any problems. But, such a life would make us unreasonable and rude. Problems help us realize that every thing is transient, including our most valued possessions. For many people, the fear of death is a big problem. But without death, life would become an endless series of exploitation and torture by one human being against their brother and sister.

Surrender To God’s Will

Poverty helps us become sensitive to the sufferings of poor people. When we face problems, there is nothing to do but surrender to the greater will of God. Thus, we become more humble and flexible in the face of adversity. In the great epic Mahabharata, Kunti implores Krishna to burden her with more problems, which would make her remember the lord more intensely and frequently.

Enemies Teach Us Patience

Without problems, we would not develop sharpness or awareness about reality. Difficult people help us develop our brains and minds, and make us stronger. When people create problems for us, we begin to hate them. Instead, we need to thank them. The Dalai Lama says our enemies teach us patience and forbearance. Bad people make us realize the importance and need for good people.

From Despair Spring Joy and Hope

Without problems, we would begin to think negatively and harm each other. The mind’s destructive capacity is far greater than its constructive power. It just takes seconds to smash something that took decades to construct. In every dark cloud there is a silver lining. The wonderful lotus flower grows out of the mud in the pond. Similarly, joy springs from the despairing depths of pain.

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