How to Overcome Fear

Fear is a primitive emotion that haunts most of us. It throttles our happiness and makes life miserable. But, why do we fear? Apart from phobias about certain things, many people are afraid of the future. The fear of the unknown haunts us. If your life is affected by fear, read on to learn

how to overcome fear.

Fear Throttles Us

In the stone age, humans reacted to fear instinctively as it threatened their survival. But, humans have evolved since then. Today, we rationalize and take decisions to cope with fear. In the modern world, the fear of survival is less, but we are affected by negative emotions like suspicion, self-doubts and insecurities. For example, we are scared of losing our partner in a relationship or our treasured possessions. Some people are hesitant to experiment and do new things as the fear of failure haunts them.

Fear Affects Growth

Therefore, we do not dream big and are content with conventional things. Fear also creates self-doubt and mistrust about others. Our decisions are affected by fear as we do not want face uncertainty. We avoid risks and stick to the predictable. Such an attitude can affect our personal and professional growth.

How to Overcome Fear

The first step to overcome fear is to boldly do the things we are scared about. Slowly, we would realize that our fears were irrational. The great American President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”. So, we should start slowly and overcome our smaller fears first. As we gain confidence, we can overcome our bigger fears and realize that they were just figments of our fertile imagination.

Experiment with Your Fears

Sometimes, our fears do come true. But often, the consequences do not turn out to be as bad as we imagined. Ernest Hemingway wrote: “Courage is grace under pressure”. So, do not let fear stop you from innovating, experimenting, and trekking the path of your dreams.

Convictions Overcome Fear

Fear is caused when we are not certain or ignorant about something. To overcome this fear, we need to develop beliefs and convictions. We do not have blindly follow others beliefs and convictions. Relaxation methods like meditation can help us develop awareness and clarity of thought, which would enable us to frame our own convictions. As our awareness grows, we would realize that fear is just another trick played by our monkey mind. You can

overcome fear

by triumphing over it in your mind and heart.

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