Coping With Negativity

We can easily become negative just by reading the daily newspaper. And, people around us can also affect us with their negative attitude. When we become negative, it affects us our happiness, lightness and balance. This will lead to negative responses and reactions, which can affect our interpersonal relationships.

How to Cope With Negativity

It is important to learn to cope with negativity. How can we do this? First try to understand and realize the reason for your negative thinking. This will help you to address the root cause and overcome it. The negative attitude of other people can also affect us. We can deal with this problem by respecting their individuality and empathizing with their opinions and thinking.

Learn Detachment

Detachment is another useful tool to cope with surrounding negativity. The lotus flower arises from the mud in the pond, yet its beauty is unmarred. Similarly, we should develop stability and inner purity to remain oblivious of outside negativity. This will make us the master of our destiny and feelings. Otherwise, we would be swayed here and there by situations and circumstances.

Realize Your Divinity

We need to realize that we are children of God and our souls are immortal. This awareness will create love, peace and purity in us. We need to spend sometime in silence and solitude every day to detach ourself from trivial things and value the worthy ones. Awareness of our divine nature will instill self esteem and self respect in us.

Awareness is Necessary

Negative feelings breed ignorance and fear. We need to become aware of these side effects to understand the negativity of others. Such understanding and awareness will throw light into our life and remove the darkness of ignorance and ill-feelings.

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