Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation

Regular meditation practice can give immense benefits. It calms and relaxes our body and mind. In today’s fast-paced life it is important to replenish our emotional and mental energy. Meditation increases our spiritual understanding. Progress in meditation can be initially hard. We need to conscientiously practice meditation every day to improve and reap generous rewards.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation improves our awareness, and brings wisdom and peace to our busy mind. Our capacity to feel compassion and love for others increases. Meditation dissolves our fears and anxieties, and replaces them with bliss and lightness. Perhaps the most important benefit of meditation is inner peace.

Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation

The Brahmakumaris movement teaches rajyoga meditation free of cost. Their website lists the following benefits of rajyoga meditation:

Ability to Let Go

We can learn to let go of wasteful thinking, worries and burdens, and attain freedom and lightness. Most people are so deeply involved in the outside world that they cannot detach themselves or even sleep soundly. Rajyoga meditation can help us become the master of our thoughts and will.

Ability to Tolerate

A seasoned rajyoga meditator gains the ability to tolerate even the worst situation. They do good even to their enemies and attackers. Rajyoga meditation makes us realize the each person is merely playing out their assigned role in the divine cosmic plan. This understanding will dissipate irritation, impatience and annoyance, and foster goodwill towards all.

Ability to Accommodate

The ocean takes in myriad rivers and streams even if they are polluted. Similarly, rajyoga meditation can make us as broadminded as the ocean. We will learn to adjust to all happenings and events. Impure or negative atmosphere will not affect a rajyoga meditator.

Ability of Judgment

We will be able to take quick and correct decisions. We will obtain the skill to accurately assess situations with confidence and clarity. Our mind will become detached and impartial, enabling us to take beneficial decisions without bias. We will refrain from judging others, and instead start to judge ourself and our actions.

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