What is Brahma Kumaris Organization?

The Brahma Kumaris organization has stimulated much discussion and change ever since its inception. It has expanded at a rapid pace over the decades. Despite its fast growth and expansion, Brahma Kumaris has adhered to its original purpose and principles. Today, it is known worldwide as the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU).

Om Mandali

Originally, BKWSU was founded as “Om Mandali”. At that time, it had only a handful of members and was based in Hyderabad, Sindh (now in Pakistan). The inspiration for BKWSU’s growth occurred in 1936, when a prominent member named Dada Lekhraj started experiencing spiritual visions.

Dada Lekhraj’s Visions

These visions revealed knowledge about the soul, God and time. Dada Lekhraj shared his visions with others and inspired their spirituality.

Move to Karachi

After one year, Om Mandali shifted base to Karachi. Here, the organization consisting of about 400 members lived peacefully devoting their time to self-transformation, meditation and spiritual study. This routine continued till 1949.

World Headquarters at Mount Abu

In 1950, the organization shifted base to Mount Abu in the Aravali hills of Rajasthan. This pristine place is famous for its heritage and power to enable spiritual rejuvenation. The silence and solitude of Mount Abu make it an ideal location to practice contemplation and reflection. Today, the Brahma Kumaris’ world headquarters nestles here.

Expansion Plans

By 1952, Dada Lekhraj became known as Brahma Baba. He wished to heal the scars of independence and partition on the Indian people. To this end, he appointed members in Delhi and Bombay to teach Raja Yoga to the people. These members established study centers and today almost every city in India hosts a Brahma Kumaris study center. In 1971, the organization spread its wings abroad and established permanent centers in Hong Kong and the UK. This fuelled worldwide
growth and expansion in terms of both centers and membership.

World Spiritual University

BKWSU has blossomed into an immense organization of social and spiritual service. Thousands of members practice meditation and spiritual discipline in nearly a 100 countries. Three main campuses at Mount Abu serve as the BKWSU’s world headquarters. These campuses host more than 2.5 million visitors and students annually from diverse nationalities, religions and ethnicities. From a humble beginning, BKWSU has blossomed into a gigantic force of spirituality.

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