Foods Mold Our Thoughts

Our thinking molds our personality and dictates the path of our life. Humans have the superior ability to think and reason, which sets them apart from animals. So, which factor plays an important role in determining the nature of our thoughts? You might be surprised to know this factor is the food we consume every day.

Food for Thought

Food not only nourishes the body, but also feeds the brain with oxygen and blood. Our brain thus gets the fuel to generate the endless series of thoughts that run through our mind every day. The type and quality of food we eat have a direct impact on the nature of our thoughts. Meat and greasy food are hard to digest. These foods generate dullness and inertia (Tamas). This is because to digest these heavy foods, blood is directed from the brain to the stomach, which makes us feel lethargic and sleepy.

Effects of Tamas

Tamasic people tend to be dull and think slowly. This type of thinking creates suspicion, doubt and lack of self confidence. In turn, such dull thinking can create many conflicts and troubles, which can make our life miserable.

Rajasic Foods

Spicy and pungent foods, garlic and onion are great for the taste buds. But, they also force the brain to pump up obsessions, fury, anger and revolting thoughts. This will take a toll of our happiness and inner peace. Such hyperactive foods create frustrations, making life difficult.

Satvic Foods are Best

The best foods are Satvic in nature as they are pure, soft and mild. Satvic foods include skimmed milk, sprouted grains, vegetables, fruits, pulses and cereals. These foods are low in salt and fats, and contain moderate amounts of carbs and fiber. Satvic foods produce subtle energy within us. Our brain starts to churn out peaceful, sublime, selfless and benevolent thoughts, that make our actions gentle and pure.

Satvic Foods for Spiritual Seekers

As a spiritual seeker, you wish to experience subtle, sublime and divine energy flowing from within you. So, satvic foods are ideal to feel peace, serenity, contentment and tranquility. Your thoughts and actions will become selfless and aimed at others’ well being, without expectations. Satvic foods can also aid your concentration and meditation. So, be mindful of your food intake to always remain in a creative, meditative and tranquil state.

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