Samsakaras: The Hindu Way of Celebrations

A samsakara is a sacrament of stages or turning points of life. Actually samsakara is found in every culture as it is a part of human life. As life passes by there are a few important events in one’s life which he likes to remember forever and celebrates it to make it memorable. These celebrations make most of the Hindu lifestyle. In this article, we shall know about Samsakaras celebrations by Hindus.

The Meaning of Samsakaras:

Literally Samsakaras mean “Refining” or “Making Perfect”. It is a ceremony that is meant for the refinement of the soul. It is raising a person above the bodily concept of life to higher spiritual existence. Samskaras bind an individual to the social and spiritual group. The words “Samsakara” “Samskriti” and “Sanskrit” have the same origin word “Samsa” which means ‘refining’ or the ‘refined one’.

Samsakaras: The Merry and Meaning

Hindu way of life is to make one realize the supremacy of Lord at every stage of life. This needs lot of education and refinement. As all this gives good impression on the person’s life, it is time to be merry.

Samsakaras: The Celebrations

It is not just a life of routine or monotony. It is a life of merry and meaning. Samsakaras are those which give happiness of sharing to the person having the samskaras and the family celebrating it. They are time to celebrate the events of life giving out all-good and collecting all-good.

A Hindu thinks of celebrating every stage of life. Samsakaras are given at the turning points of life. On these events the whole family shares the bliss of celebrations that involve respected elders, priests, scholars, neighbors, near and dears. All come together to give their blessings and best wishes to the person having the ceremony. This also means that there is religious and social sanction for the ceremony and all the members of the society wish the best for the child/person.

Celebrations generally involve exchange of gifts followed by meals. This brings so much warmth and happiness to both guests and hosts. All this gives a fine impression on the mind of everyone. You can know more about ‘Hindu Samskaras’ in related articles on this site.

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