The Story of Narada Muni

Narada muni

is a great personality described in various Hindu literature. He is also called as Naradaji, described as effulgent sage holding veena, wanders everywhere singing

“Narayana, Narayana”.

Naradaji is pure devotee of Lord Vishnu. There is an interesting story on how Naradaji became a devotee. Let us know it in this article.

Naradaji, Son of Maid-servant

In previous life Narada muni was born as son of a maid servant. Actually Narada muni was born from the mind of Lord Brahma. Thus he is also known as manasa putra of Lord Brahma. This birth of Narada was during the previous day of Brahma. Naradaji describes his life to his disciple Vyasdev in 1st Canto, 5th and 6th Chapter of

Srimad Bhagavatam

where he narrates how he became a devotee.

He says to Vyasadev that he was born to a poor maid servant who was working near a school where Brahmanas used to learn vedic mantras. Once during the Chaturmas, the four months of rainy season, some exalted vaishnavas, Maha Bhagavtas, came to the school. Generally travelling monks stop at some place to spend Chaturmas. Seeing this as an opportunity his mother who was a poor servant served the Mahabhagavatas.

Narada Muni has Vision of Lord

As Narada Muni was accompanying his mother in the service he happened to take the remnants of those exalted devotees. He immediately began to experience changes in him as he felt himself drawn to devotion to Supreme Lord. He went to the devotees and began to serve them. He took their permission to take more remnants. Mahabhagavatas became very pleased with Narada. When they were about to leave they instructed Narada into the confidential knowledge of Supreme Lord. During their servince Narada learnt how to use everything in the service of Supreme Lord.

Very soon Narada became alone as his mother was bitten by a serpent. He immediately took this as an opportunity to meditate on Supreme Lord. He went and sat before a banyan tree and began to meditate on the Super Soul within the heart. He had wonderful vision of the Supreme Lord and he became completely a spiritual person. After that by grace of Lord he could wander all places spreading the Names of Narayana.

Thus this wonderful story of Narada Muni infers that association of pure devotees, even for little time, can make one fit for vision of the Supreme Lord.

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