King Parikshit and Kali Personified

King Parikshit

is the descendant of Pandavas. He was born to Uttara and Abhimanyu. As he grew up, his qualities of leadership began to manifest. He ruled the earth as perfect king under the instruction of Brahmanas. He ruled at the time when Lord Krishna left the planet earth and went back to His eternal abode. This was the time when the Kali yuga was about to begin. Let us know how King Parikshit dealt with Kali Personified in this article.

King Parikshit Goes to Conquer Whole World:

It was necessary for any king who claims to be the king of earth to prove his supremacy from time to time. In order to declare himself as the king of earth, Parikshit left his capital city of Hastinapur and went to conquer all those kings who challenged him. While he was on the tour he saw a bull and a cow. Dharma or religion was in the form of the bull and Bhumi, the Earth goddess, was in the form of the cow.

Soon he saw a sudra wearing the dress of a king beating the bull and cow with his club. The bull had his 3 legs severed and the cow had tears in eyes and her bodily lustre faded. This scene was unbearable for King Parikshit. He at once stopped the offender and asked why he was beating them. The king threatened to kill the sudra if he continued to do so.

Religion in the Form of Bull Speaks Out

He inquired from bull who was he. Then bull says that he is Dharma or religion. The bull says that his four legs are: austerities, cleanliness, mercy and truthfulness. In Satya yuga all four legs were intact as all the four legs were observed by everyone. As Treta yuga and dwapar yuga proceeded the legs of austerities and cleanliness were broken. As Kali yuga is about to come the bull of religion is standing on only one leg. And as the Kali is quarrel personified this last leg is about to break.

King Parikshit Conquers Kali

Hearing the above facts from the bull, King Parikshit immediately takes his sharp sword out to kill the miscreant sudra. He was no other than Kali personified. When Kali saw the seriousness of the king, he at once casts out his dress and surrenders to the king. The king orders him to go out of his kingdom. But Kali pleaded, “O King! Please give me some place to live.”

King Parikshit allowed Kali to stay in places where there is intoxication, prostitution, animal slaughter and gambling. Kali felt cheated as no such place existed in his kingdom. Then again Kali pleaded to give one more place. Then king allowed him to stay where there is huge collection of gold is kept. Kali went away and the king reestablished the four legs of Dharma.

But soon there happened to be a place where there was huge collection of gold and Kali came in! Thus started Kali Yuga!

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