Kardama Muni: How Kardama Muni got Married

In the third Canto of

Srimad Bhagavatam

there is narration of interesting pastime of

Lord Kapila Dev.

Lord Kapila Dev was son of

Kardama Muni,

who was a great sage of Satya Yuga. In this article we shall know the story of Kardama Muni and his marriage to Princess Devahuti.

Kardama Muni Takes Up Austerities

Kardama Muni is one of the

Prajapatis. Prajapatis

are those who are assigned by Supreme Lord to populate the world with


or humans. He was a great sage. When Lord Brahma ordered him to beget children, Kardama Muni went to Bindu Sarovar on the shore of river Saraswati. He sat there and undertook austerities for ten thousand years. He was in the trance of meditation on the Supreme Lord Vishnu. When his austerities became ripe Lord Vishnu became pleased and came on Garuda to see Kardama Muni.

As the Lord glanced on Kardama Muni his meditation broke. When he opened his eyes he could see the beautiful form of the Lord Vishnu standing on Garuda. He stood up with folded hands and started offering prayers. When Lord asked about his desires Kardama Muni replied: “O Lord, You know that Iam ordered to populate the planet. I desire to marry a girl of my disposition who shall be like a veritable cow in my household life.”

Lord Vishnu Benediction to Kardama Muni

Lord Vishnu said, “Iam pleased with you and there is no question of frustration for those who worship Me. I have already arranged a suitable girl for you. The day after tomorrow King Svayambhuva Manu will come to see you. He is the emperor who rules the whole earth. He has very a beautiful daughter of marriageable age by the name Devahuti. The emperor will be pleased with your personality and give his daughter in marriage. O Kardama Muni she is just suited for you in service. From you she will beget nine daughters and from those nice daughters will marry other sages which will increase the population.”

And Supreme Lord also assured, “After nine daughters, I will come in my plenary by name Kapila. In due course of time I will instruct the transcendental knowledge of My nature to your wife.” Saying this Lord Vishnu went back to His abode on Garuda. Kardama Muni paid obeisance and just waited for the day.

As per Lord’s words Svayambhuva Manu came in chariot with his wife Satarupa and daughter Devahuti. He was travelling for a suitable person to give his daughter in marriage. When he saw the sage he was overwhelmed with joy. He approached the sage and requested him to accept his daughter’s hand which Kardama Muni gladly did. Thus the auspicious marriage of Kardama Muni and Devahuti took place.

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