Lord Kapila: The Birth of Lord Kapila

In the third canto of

Srimad Bhagavatam

there is narration of birth of Lord Kapila dev. Lord Kapila was incarnation of Lord in the age of Satya yuga. He appeared as the son of sage Karadama Muni and Devahuti. In this article we will describe the birth of Lord Kapila.

Kardama Muni and Devahuti

Kardama Muni was one of the Prajapatis. When he took up great austerities, Lord Vishnu arranged Devahuti as his wife. Kardama Muni got married to Devahuti putting a condition that after she begets children he will leave home to accept Sanyasa, the renounced order of life. Devahuti meditated on Kardama Muni and thus her father arranged the marriage.

After marriage Devahuti began to serve Kardama Muni with great love while Kardama Muni remained in devotion to Lord. With great respect and pleasing speech she always gave the best service to Kardama Muni. She turned very thin as she neglected her body in service to her husband. Slowly her hair matted and lost all luster. This went on for a long time. And one day Kardama Muni saw her with love. He was moved with her service.

Kardama Muni Begins Family Life

Kardama Muni then arranged wonderful lakes and mansions for his wife. Those were heavenly spots and gardens. Kardama Muni was a mystic. With his mystic power he created wonderful mansions. Maid servants of these mansions welcomed Devahuti and decorated her as queen. They bathed Devahuti and decorated in the most pleasing manner and thus she regained all her beauty. Kardama Muni then began his family life with his wife in a kingly manner.

Kardama Muni and Devahuti had nine wonderful girls. All nine girls had beautiful bodily features with fragrance like that of lotus flowers. They appeared just like lotuses of different colors. Kardama Muni and Devahuti brought them up very nicely.

The Birth of Lord Kapila

When Kardama Muni was about to leave to forest to Sanyasa as Devahuti already had nine children, Devahuti began to shed tears. She told to her husband that when all daughters go away after marriage what will be her condition. She begged Kardama Muni for a son.

Kardama Muni considered her concern. He asked Devahuti to serve Supreme Lord with faith. He married all his nine daughters to sages of their temperaments. Later Supreme Lord appeared in the womb of Devahuti as Lord Kapila. Lord Kapila’s birth was celebrated in three worlds. Kardama Muni took renounced order of the life and went to forest.
Lord Kapila instructed transcendental knowledge to his mother Devahuti in

‘Teachings of Kapila Muni’

. The birth of Kapila brought all auspiciousness to everyone on the planet.

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