King Bharata: The Renunciation of King Bharat

The story of

King Bharata

took place in Treta yuga (the Silver Age). King Bharata, known as Bharata Maharaj, was eldest son of King Rishabdev. When father of Bharata retired from worldly affairs, he appointed his foremost son, Bharata as his successor king. In this article we shall discuss kingship of

Bharata Maharaj

and his renunciation.

Bharata Maharaj’s Youth and Marriage

Accepting his father’s order Bharata Maharaj began to rule the Kingdom. The land which he ruled included all the land and seas between Persia and South East Asia. Following the orders of superiors Prince Bharat married Pancajani, the daughter of Visvarupa. She was beautiful and virtuous. They begot five sons – Sumati, Sudarshana, Rastrabhrta, Dhumraketu and Avarana.

Bharata Maharaj’s Rein

Bharata Maharaj was an expert king. Due to his kingship the land is named after him. He ruled over a vast kingdom. In the Vedic times the land was called Ajanabh varsha. But since the time of King Bharata it was named Bharata-varsha which is now shrunk to modern India.

Bharata Maharaj ruled excellently. He was wise and expert. He ruled by his own example on how to perform duties according to one’s qualities. He protected the people of his kingdom against all sins. He made perfect justice in all conditions. He was a very compassionate king who was also very strong. He carried out all pious activities for spiritual advancement of all his citizens.

Bharata Maharaj Renunciation

King Bharata always offered the results of his activities to the Supreme Lord. Due to his good karma he ruled the kingdom for a very long time. But when he came to know that it is time to retire he developed renunciation.

He divided all the wealth amongst his sons and decided to retire. Then one fine day King Bharata departed from his palace leaving his loving wife and illustrious sons. He went alone and penniless to some forest place in Himalayas. The place which is just near Haridwar, named Pulahasrama. Here was the place where Sri Shalagram stones were found and Krishna Gandaki River flowed.

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