Homam: The Fire God, Types of Homam


is a ritual offering done for various purposes. The word havan or homa is derived from the word ‘hu’ which means to offer. This fire ritual is practiced from the early Vedic times to the present day in which the fire god, Agnidev, is worshipped.  It should be done by the qualified priest to get the proper results. There are various types of homam for different purposes. In this article, we shall know about the fire god Agni and the types of homam.

The Fire God Agni


is one of the demigods who is assigned the duty of heat and light in the universe. He is the acceptor of sacrifices. In Rig Veda Agni dev is praised for his influence. Agni is a vital element for material manifestation seen in the form of fire of sun, heat in the twig and the hunger in the stomach of a person.  Yes Agni resides in the body of every person. The person’s body temperature range is important determinant of health. In fact metabolism is a form of fire within the body. Homam is a practice of making offering to Agni dev.

Types of Homam

: Depending on the purpose, there are more than 16 types of homams. Here are some of them:

Nava Graha Homam:

This is the most common type of homam performed to appease planets in the horoscope to be in proper places. This homam reduces the malefic influence of the planets.

Ganapati Homam:

This homam is performed to appease Lord Ganesh. By doing so, the hurdles or obstacles in life are minimized.

Maha Mritunjaya Homam

: This homam is performed to restore proper health and overcome any chronic illness.

Gayantri homam:

This is performed to get the positive thought process and achieve success in projects undertaken.

Dhanavantari homam

: Done to achieve good physical and mental health.

Lakshmi kubera homam:

Done to get incessant flow of money, wealth and prosperity.

Vidya homam:

Performed for children to get good knowledge and do best in studies.

Vastu homam:

Done at the time of house warming ceremony for peace and happy living in the house.

Mahadevi homam:

Done at the time of marriage for marital peace and harmony. Those who are already married perform this homam for marital felicity.

Chandi homam:

Done to appease Chandi or Durga devi to get confidence in the life.

Viswa Shati homam:

It is done by mass of people for universal peace and harmony. It is done individually to harmonize self with the Universal consciousness.

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  1. Your picture of Agni, in a homam, may be a very appropriate for the cover page
    of my forthcoming book on ‘Thermodynamics’. Can I have permission to reproduce

    Prof. N.D. Hari Dass
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  2. Other than this various homas r also available can u explain it (Ex : Astra homam) ..

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