Brahmotsavam: Why is Brahmotsavam Celebrated

In a Hindu temple several events are celebrated to glorify the Lord.




is one such event which is celebrated seasonally, once in a year in a particular temple. Special funds are set aside by the temple to conduct the festival of Brahmotsava. Read on to know more about Brahmotsava in the hindu tradition.

Brahmotsava: The Meaning and Legend

Brahmotsava literally means

‘Grand Celebration’.

According to terminology it means the celebration that is performed by Lord Brahma. The legend of Brahmotsava illustrates that once Lord Indra, who is the king of heaven, killed a Brahma-raakshasa. Brahma raakshasa is one who is Brahmin but has all demonic characters. In this way Indra incurred sin of killing a Brahmana which is called Brahma hatya dosham.

Indra could not stay with this sin in such heavenly planets. Thus he requested Brahma to do something. Lord Brahma relieved Indra of this sin by conducting a ceremony in which Indra carried Lord Vishnu on his head during the special ritual performance. This ritual is holy bath of Lord Vishnu called

‘Avabritha Snaanam’.

This very ritual became so famous and was celebrated henceforth as Brahmotsavam.

Brahmotsava Significance and Celebrations

Brahmotsava celebrations have so much cleansing effect on the temple and the devotees. This ceremony is celebrated periodically in the temple where the washing activities are meant to wash away the sins of the devotees. It is said that the great demigods like Brahma and Indra wait eagerly to participate in the Brahmotsava of Lord Vishnu. Thus in vaishnava cult Brahmotsava is the most significant celebration.

In the celebrations of Brahmotsavas thousands of people throng the temple. They clean the temple and everyday there is a special ritual. The celebrations last for 9 days. Each day the deities are taken in different vehicles. In the evening the deities are put on the swing and given grand arati. All this makes the event very memorable in the hearts of devotees.

In Tirumala Tirupati temple there is a grand celebration of

Srivari Brahmotsavam.

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