Agni: The Fire God

Agni is the Vedic demigod of fire.  Agni means fire in Sanskrit. He is the acceptor of sacrifices and the messenger between mortals (humans) and demigods. He is visible demigod in the form of

fire of sacrifice.

We shall know more about Agni dev in this article.

Agni Dev and Family

Agni dev is the eldest son of Lord Brahma. His birth is described in another way. It is said that Agni dev has sprung from the Virat purush’s mouth. Agni is next to Lord Indra in power, thus also considered as Indra’s twin. He has 10 servant maids signifying 10 fingers needs to lit a fire.

Agni dev’s wife is Svaha devi. He is also called Abhimani in Agni purana. He has 3 sons by name: Pavaka, Pavamana and Suchi. These 3 are personifications of fires produced by earth and humanity. These 3 sons in total have 45 sons. Agnidev, his 3 sons and 45 sons constitutes of 49 mystic fires described in Puranas.

Agni dev Description

Agni dev is depicted as a young well-built god with red hue. He has 3 legs, 7 tongues, 7 hands and 2 faces. He rides a ram and has a fire weapon called ‘Agneyatra’. His 2 faces signify the constructive and destructive properties. His seven hands indicate the seven colors in white light. His 7 tongues lick the sacrificial butter. Seven types of rays emit from his body. His 3 legs signify 3 forms: fire, lightning and sun.

In Rig Veda there is detailed description of Agni dev. It begins with word ‘Agni’. He is the director of all hindu ceremonies described in the vedas. His importance is sung in 218 hymns of Rig veda.  He is guardian of south-east direction.

Agni Dev and Hinduism

In Hindu philosophy Agni stands for knowledge of the learned people. It means the light in which one can see clearly what is there in the world. It means the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Thus Agni dev is worshipped with a request of emitting light of knowledge on the path of Truth. Agni is the true revealer of innermost light that shines in the consciousness of a living entity.

Om Agni Devaya Namah…Om Agni Devaya Svaha!

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