Adhika Maas – What is Adhika Maas in Hindu Calendar


means ‘Extra’ and


means ‘Month’. That extra lunar month which comes according to the Vedic lunar calendar or Hindu calendar is called

Adhika maas.

This thirteenth month is also known as Purushottam maas or Mal maas or Malimmacha. Read on to know about the calculation and significance of Adhika maas.

Calculation of Adhika Maas

There are various explanations of the calculation of Adhika maas. The Vedic calendar is based on movements of moon. According to the lunar calendar one year is equal to 354 days, 8 hours and 34.28 seconds. But according to solar calendar one year is equal to 365 days, 6 hours and 9.54 seconds. When we subtract these two we get a difference of 10 days, 21 hours and 35.16.

When this above difference is accumulated for exactly one lunar month of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.865 seconds, from that point the extra month of Adhika maas is observed. This occurs about every 32 months 16 days. Thus which ever month comes to this spot that month is observed for 2 consecutive months.

Rituals and Significance of Adhika Maas

In this month devout Hindus observe

Adhika Maas Vrat

with great devotion. This whole month, the performer wakes up early in the morning 4 AM. They worship the deity of Lakshmi Narayana or Radha Krishna with sodashopachara puja process. The whole month pure vegetarian spiritual food is taken, that too only once a day. The whole month Holy Scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita are recited. Hindus also engage in charity and other pious activities.

This extra month is of great significance for Hindus. This vrat is capable of vanquishing all the sins of the performer because the Supreme Lord Vishnu is presiding God of the month. There is

one legend

connected to this:

When the days, months and years were created, every month was assigned to particular demigod. But Adhika maas was taken by no one. He was called Mal maas (which means untouchable month). Adhika maas personified went to Supreme Lord Vishnu with tears in the eyes. Compassionate Lord Vishnu declared that He Himself will take charge of this month. Lord Vishnu named the month as Purushottama month. The merits of this month are hundreds of times more than normal months. Thus Adhika maas has great significance in Hindu culture.

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