Lord Jagannath – The Lord of Universe


is very popular deity of Eastern part of India. Hindus of Orissa and West-Bengal extensively worship this special form of Lord Krishna. Lord Jagannath is worshipped along with Baladev and Subhadra.


means Universe and


means the Lord. There are two pastimes connected to Lord Jagannath. In this artilce we shall present how actual form of Jagannath in the

spiritual planet


Jagannath is Lord Krishna: The Pastime of Jagannath

Jagannath is Lord Krihsna Himself. There is one pastime connected in this regard. When Lord Krishna grew up and queens of Dwarka (the kingdom of Lord Krishna) was very enchanted to hear the childhood pastimes of Krishna. All the queens of Dwaraka requested mother Rohini to narrate the childhood pastimes (Bal leela) of Krishna which she agreed to tell after some hesitation.

Rohini asked Subhadra to be the door keeper and keep an eye if Krishna is coming. She told that she will stop if Krishna comes and began to narrate the pastimes. As mother Rohini was narrating all queens were engrossed. Subhadra was also so stunned that she forgot to see out. She melted in the ecstasy. Then Balaram, the elder brother of Krishna came. He too melted by hearing the pastimes. Then Lord Krishna came and saw all this, He also stared melting. Their eyes started spreading, her hands and legs started melting and Three of them were looking totally melted.

Narada Muni happened to pass through the spot. He saw these special forms of Krishna, Balaram and Subhadra. Then he prayed

“May this form manifest on earthly planet”.

As Lord Krishna always keeps the words of His devotees, He agreed to manifest this form as Lord Jagannath in Puri, Orissa. How Lord Jagannath manifested in Puri is another very interesting story. Please find this pastime in the next related article in this site.

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