Vayudev: The Lord of Winds


or Vaayu is one of the demigods mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. He is the Lord of the winds. He also represents air which is one of the five basic elements of material creation, Panchmahabhuta. There are other terms related to Vayu, for example Vaata means ‘Blowing of air”, Pavan also means wind and Praana means breathing. Let us know more about this popular deity Vaayu in this article.

Vaayu Dev Deity

Vaayu is depicted as a young man with fair complexion who rides a deer and carries flag in one hand and arrow in the another hand. He is very quick in moving in directions and has wings to travel in all directions. His domain is the sense object of touch.

Family of Vaayu dev

Vaayu is the father of Bhima, the third of Pandavas. He is spiritual father of Sri Hanumanji. He also has a daughter whose name is Ila. She was married to Dhruva Maharaj and begot a son by name Utkala. Utkala became the descendent of Dhruva maharaj’s dynasty.

Vaayu dev in Scriptures

In Upanishads Vaayu dev is described with great power. He is capable of blowing away big mountains. In Taittriya Upanishad describes and praise as follows:

Namaste Vayo, tyam eva pratyaksham Brahmasi

Which means: ‘O Vayu, you are the directly perceivable Brahman.’

In the Rig Veda and other Vedas the deity of Vaayu is adored as the deity of Indra. Vaayu dev’s deity predominates even the foremost of the demigods like Rudra, Maruts and Brihaspati. Other demigods like Surya, Agni, Soma can only operate under the power of Vaayu. It is also the deity of Vaayu who is not afflicted by any of the demons of sins that can easily attack.

Chadogya declares that one cannot know the Brahman aspect of Absolute Truth without knowing Vaayu as the Udgitha or the syllable


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