Lord Balaram: Who is Lord Balaram?

Lord Balaram

is well-known as the elder brother of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna and Balaram had Their childhood pastimes in the forests of Vrindavan and killed many demons. Hindus of North India worship the form of Krishna and Balaram playing with each other. Let us know more about Lord Balarama in this article.

Lord Balaram’s Birth:

Lord Balaram was the seventh child of Devaki and Vasudev. The story of Kamsa confining Devaki and Vasudev is well-known among . It is described in the tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. Devaki and Vasudev lost six children. The seventh child was transferred from the womb of Devaki to Rohini. Rohini is wife of Vasudev who stayed in the house of Nanda Maharaj.

Lord Krishna was the eighth child. When He appeared He was taken to the house of Nanda and Yashoda. Thus Nanda and Yashoda became foster parents of Lord Krishna. Balaram also was taken care of by Nanda and Yashoda. Mother Yasoda and Rohini saw little Krishna and Balaram as Their own children.

Names of Lord Balaram

Lord Balaram is known sankarshana which means one who is transferred from one womb to another. The child was named as ‘Rama’. Seeing his extra-ordinary strength, also called as Bala, he was called Balarama or Balaram. He is also called as

Baladev or Balabhadra.

He is the Lord of agriculture, hence He is known as


He is also known as


for His incarnation of Divine snake on which Lord Vishnu has His


, or deep transcendental sleep.

Childhood Pastimes of Lord Balaram

Lord Krishna and Balarama had wonderful childhood pastimes in the forests of Vrindavan. Lord Krishna used to kill demons in the forest and Lord Balaram used to assist Lord Krishna in all ways. Every day there used to be a new situation and Lord Krishna used to exhibit extraordinary feats to his friends. Lord Balarama killed the demon Dhenakasura and Mustika.

Worshipping Lord Balaram

Vaishnava Hindus consider by worshipping Lord Balaram as the way to gain strength in devotional service. In Vedic scriptures Lord Balarama is described as the primary or first expansion of Lord Krishna. He is adored as Adi-guru or the original spiritual master. Thus, worship of Balaram is deemed very significant. Lord Balaram is worshipped on Balaram Jayanti. Balram Jayanti is the full moon day of Sravan month.

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