Astalakshmi – The Eight Lakshmis

Lakshmi devi

is the goddess of fortune. In Hindu scriptures she is often described as the consort of the Supreme Lord Vishnu. She is personification of wealth, and wealth not only just means money but also all that is connected to prosperity.

Land, property, grains, patience, persistence, animals like cows, elephants, purity in the heart etc are different forms of wealth. Thus this wealth is named differently. But in personification, forms of these wealth exists eternally in the form of Lakshmis called


There are eight types of Lakshmis.

  1. Adi Lakshmi:

    She is original Lakshmi who serves Lord Narayana in the Vaikunta. She is also called Ramaa or Ramakanthi which means one who brings happiness to the mankind. She holds lotus flowers in hands which represents purity in heart.

  2. Dhanya Lakshmi:

    Dhanya means grains. All food grains, fruits and eatables are form of wealth. Grains and eatables are must for the sustenance of human form of life. Abundance of grains show the prosperity and happiness in the society. All purified food will be available by the grace of Dhanya Lakshmi

  3. Dhairaya Lakshmi:

    This form of Lakshmi is representation of will, grace, patience, intelligence and strength. She is the one with infinite inner power which signifies victory. One who worships Dhairaya Lakshmi is blessed with tremendous patience and stability in life.

  4. Gaja Lakshmi:

    This Lakshmi was born during the pastime of Samudra manthan. She is also called Jalaja. She is seen with elephants pouring nectar over her. Actually this Lakshmi is worshipped on the day of Diwali. She represents all forms of abundance.

  5. Santhan Lakshmi:

    This Lakshmi is represents the treasure of children. Children are the greatest gift of God. They are seen as the greatest treasure of the family. Those who worship Santan Lakshmi are blessed with healthy, intelligent and wise children.

  6. Vijay Lakshmi:

    She represents Victory. Vijay means to get success in all the endeavors of life. It represents both victories within and outside the world. Internally one should get victory over the lower self and outside one should have great achievements in social life. Thus, victory is for those who worship Vijay Lakshmi.

  7. Dhana Lakshmi:

    Dhana means wealth. She is representation of all the currency and gross money like gold, silver, diamonds etc. Dhana Lakshmi represents all that is valuable. She represents all virtues of the mankind.

  8. Vidya Lakshmi:

    Vidya means education. This form of Lakshmi is representation of wisdom in day to day life. She is not mere degrees and certificates but more than that she is application of knowledge for betterment of society.

May these Eight Lakshmis bestow Their merciful glances on everyone!

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