Rahu Kalam: What is Rahu Kalam?

Rahu kalam

is specific time in the day which is considered inauspicious for any venture. This is according to Vedic astrology and each day it falls on different segments of the day. Rahu Kalam lasts for one and half hour or 90 minutes.

The Calculation of Rahu Kalam

A day in astrology is the total time between sunrise and sunset. This time is divided into 8 segments which roughly comes to about 90 minutes. This inauspicious time of the segment of the day is associated with malefic planet, Rahu.

Hindu panchangas have record of every varying configurations of the planets. So the auspicious and inauspicious hours of the day are not the same time of the day. There are nine planets in the Hindu astrological system. The nine planets are known as: Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Brihaspathi, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Kethu. Rahu and Ketu are not physical bodies but considered as planets that influence one’s life.

In specific time of the day astronomers felt the power of Rahu and Ketu is so much that it can cover the sun (called eating up Sun). This time will cause a solar eclipse. This moment is considered inauspicious and called Rahukalam. Everyday Rahukalam is different but it has the same timing every week day. That is:

  • On Sunday, Rahukalam is from 12 00 Hours to 13 30 Hours
  • On Monday, Rahukalam is from 7 30 Hours to 9 00 Hours
  • On Tuesday, Rahukalam is from 13 30 Hours to 15 00 Hours
  • On Wednesday, Rahukalam is from 9 00 Hours to 10 30 Hours
  • On Thursday, Rahukalam is from 15 00 Hours to 16 30 Hours
  • On Friday, Rahukalam is from 10 30 Hours to 12 00 Hours
  • On Saturday, Rahukalam is from 9 00 Hours to 10 30 Hours

Hindus consider Rahu Kalam while taking up any venture. Hindu ideals say that we should always be conscious of importance of timings and days in our lives. It has great impact in our spiritual life.

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