Sita Devi: The Consort of Lord Shri Rama

Mother Sita

is the consort of Lord Shri Rama. Before the Name of ‘Rama’ comes the sweet Name of ‘Sita’, hence it is ‘Sita Rama’. Mother Sita was daughter of King Janaka, so She is also known as Janaki. Let us know more about Mother Sita who is one of the main characters in the Holy epic


Birth and Childhood of Mother Sita

Unlike any girl, Sita was not born to parents. She was found by King Janaka in the city of Janakpur which is now in Nepal. King Janaka wanted to conduct a Yagna, a sacrificial ceremony, for the welfare of citizens of his citizens. As he was clearing a piece of land for the yagna, his plough struck at some place where he found a golden casket. When he opened it he found a beautiful girl smiling lovingly. He at once took the girl and called her Sita. Sita brought great fortune to the kingdom and soon She became the darling of every citizen.

Marriage of Mother Sita

Sita grew up with great devotion to Lord Rama. As she heard about the Personality of Lord Rama She at once made mind to marry Lord Rama. When King Janaka could not find any suitable prince who can marry Sita, he organized


where any prince can come and show his prowess to win the hand of Sita. The challenge was to lift the heaviest bow that was given by Lord Shiva. Many kings and princes came but no one could even move it, leave alone lifting it.

When Lord Rama knew about it with permission of His guru Vishwamitra, He could easily lift it and break the bow. That was the marriage ceremony of Sita and Lord Rama.

Life of Mother SIta and Hardships

After marriage mother Sita had so many hardships. As Lord Rama was ordered exile of forest for 14 years, Sita also decided to go with Lord Rama. She dedicated Her life in the service of Lord Rama. She became epitome of Pativrata who stayed by the side of Lord Rama always. When She was abducted by the evil king Ravana, Sita kept her vow to be chaste to Lord Rama. Lord Rama killed Ravana and saved Her.

Later Lord Rama rejected Her for setting the example of Ideal King. Again She was sent to forest while She was pregnant. She was single mother to Her twin children Lava and Kusha. At last Mother Sita went into the earth showing her great qualities. Mother Sita is glorified on day of Sita Navami which falls in the month of Vishaka (April – May).

Jai Jai Sita Rama!!

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