Parvati Devi: The Consort of Lord Shiva


is the representation of Shakti, also called Mother Goddess. In the schools of Hinduism Mother Parvati is considered as the incarnation or manifestation of Divine Mother. Shakti worshippers (Shaktas) consider Mother Parvati as the Divine energy personified or the embodiment of whole or total energy of the Universe. She is also known as

Uma, Gauri, Durga, Lalita, Sati, Kali



Sati and Parvati

According to the Hindu scriptures Parvati Devi was Sati in her previous life. She is the daughter of Daksha. When she came to know the qualities of Lord Shiva, she gave her heart to him. She married Lord Shiva after great austerities. But Daksha was not that happy with the marriage. He went to the extent of insulting Lord Shiva.

Once Daksha performed a great yagna and did not invite Lord Shiva. When Sati went to attend the yagna, she was greatly disappointed to see her father’s negligence. This made her enraged and she decided to end her life in the fire of yagna. Immediately after the decision Sati jumped in the fire and ended her life. When Lord Shiva came to know this he became so enraged that he went to the spot and cut the head of Daksha. But later he forgave Daksha and gave him the head of goat.

Lord Shiva felt great separation from Sati after the incident. He gave up everything and went to Himalayas to meditate. Seeing this, demigods were worry-stricken as there was no one to take the position of the destroyer. They pleaded the soul of Sati to take birth again. Sati was reborn as Parvati, the daughter of Himavan and Mena. Parvati took great austerities to break the meditation of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva finally accepted her as his wife and then took over his position of destroyer.

The Family of Lord Shiva

Taking Parvati by his side Lord Shiva became a householder. Inspired by the beauty of Parvati Lord Shiva became the expert in dance and fine arts. He became Nataraj. Once Parvati created Lord Ganesha with clay and Lord Shiva gave him the elephant head. Kartikeya is the last member of Lord Shiva family. Thus Lord Shiva’s family is described as happy family.

Mother Parvati is worshipped for her chastity. Hindu women worship her to get marital bliss and good family life.

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