Sri Viswakarma: The Divine Architect

Sri Viswakarma

is the Hindu deity of all architecture and craftsmenship. He is the divine architect who is given the contract of creating, designing and fabricating mansions in the heavenly planets. He is also known as the

‘Principal Universal Architect’

who executes the multiple tasks of creation. Let us know more about Vishwakarma in this article.

Sri Vishwakarma: Description

Sri Vishwakarma is described in Harivamsha and Mahabahrata. It is mentioned his father is Vasu Prabhasa and mother is Yoga Siddha. In the epic Mahabharata he is described as “The executor of a thousand handicrafts, the lord of all arts, the divine carpenter of demigods, the fashion designer of all ornaments, the eminent artisan and immortal deva”. In Puranas he is mentioned as the son of Vastu dev and father of Barhishmati and Samjna. In Ramanyan it is described that the vast city of Sri Lanka was built by Vishwakarma.

The deity of Vishwakarma is described as a middle aged effulgent person with four hands. He wears a crown and lots of jewelry. He holds a water pot, a noose, a book and craftsmen tools in his hands. Sri Vishwakarma has many credits of his work. Some of them include the design of Swarga or heaven, Dwaraka puri, Hastinapur and Indrapasta.

Vishwakarma Diwas: A Day dedicated to Vishwakarma

Vishwakarma Diwas is observed by Hindus on the Kanya Sankranti day which comes after the Ganesh Puja. Kanya Sankranti is on 17th September which falls the same day every year. This day has been selected by the Hindu community as a day to honor Sri Vishwakarma. It is a custom that all architectural engineers and professionals worship the deity to get inspiration from the great work of Vishwakarma and find some empowerment. This day Vishwakarma puja is observed by all Hindu communities throughout India and abroad.

If anyone likes to see the expertise of Sri Vishwakarma, one can visit the temple of Puri Jagannath which is famous for the special deities of Lord Krishna, Subhadra and Balarama. This temple was designed and built by Vishwakarma who came to the place in disguise. Really, it is an amazing temple with awesome architecture!

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