Yamaraj – The Lord of Death


is described in the Vedas as Lord of Death. He is also known as


and the Guardian of the South direction. Lord Yama is also described in some texts as demigod who is assigned the service by the Supreme Lord to punish the souls who have not surrendered to Him. Let us know more about Yamraj in this article.

Yamaraj: The Description

Yamaraj is depicted as a healthy man with red skin who holds a rope in the left hand which he uses to pull the soul from the body and in the right hand he holds a giant mace. He wears red clothes and rides on a water buffalo. In scriptures Lord Yamaraj is described as the son of Sun god or Surya.

Yamaraj is also the twin brother of Yamuna or Yami. He is described as one among the first human pair. He does his work under the supervision of Lord Shiva. In the Rig Veda Lord Yama is described in 3 hymns which say that Yamaraj has 2 dogs which have 4 eyes and wide nostrils that guard the road to his abode.

More About Lord Yamaraj

It is Lord Yamraj who decides to give the results of the deeds of a soul. He is assisted by Chitragupta who records all the activities of the soul in one big book. Chitragupta keeps all the records of human beings on the earth. Yamraj is also called as Dharmaraj as he is the lord of justice. Interestingly Sun god’s another son, Lord Shani is also assigned the same job. But Shanidev rewards when the person is alive and Yamraj awards when the person is dead.

Yamaraj is very wise of all demigods. He is counted as one of the 12


or knowers of the Truth. In some Upanishads like Katha Upanishads Yamaraj is described as a teacher who teaches everyone to how to live in the human form of life. In Mahabharatha it is said that Vidura is incarnation of Yamaraj.

There is one temple in Srivanchiyam in Tamil Nadu which is dedicated to Yamaraj.

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