King Bharata as Jada Bharata in the Next Life

The story of King Bharata is very nicely described in the Canto 5 of Srimad Bhagavatam. In previous two articles we described how King Bharata, the great King of Treta yuga, renounced his kingdom and became a deer in the forest. In this article we shall move ahead and know how King Bharata took birth as Jada Bharata in the life next to deer life.

King Bharata Leaves his Deer Body

King Bharata was awarded the body of a deer by the material nature. This is because according to the law of nature, a soul gets the next body according to the consciousness it has at the time of death. When King Bharata was thinking of the deer at the time of death, he got the body of a deer.

Although the king was in the deer body he could remember his past life. He repented deeply for his mistake. He thought, “What a great mistake I did. I gave up everything to meditate on Supreme Lord but my foolish mind was attached to a deer. I should not have practiced meditation a solitary place. Instead I should have taken to association of pure devotees of the Lord.”

Thinking this way King Bharata in deer body went to the ashram of Pulastya and Pulaha. This time the deer was careful not to become a victim of bad association. Finally the deer gave up his body reciting prayers to the Supreme Lord.

King Bharata born as Jada Bharata

King Bharata could successfully give up the body of deer. He took birth in the family of brahmana, in the dynasty of Angira. He was called Jada Bharata. Jada Bharata could remember his past lives. Jada Bharata acted as dull, blind and dump so that there is no attachment with his family members. He just behaved like a madman.

Many attempts to educate Jada Bharata end in failure as he refused to learn anything. His father died and his step-brothers treated him harshly. But he never became disturbed. He just ate whatever he got and did all the hard labor that his brothers gave him.

In next article you could know how more about the qualities of Jada Bharata.

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