Jada Bharata and King Rahugana

The story of King Bharata is described in the 5th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. In last few articles we read how King Bharata became deer and then took birth in a brahmana family. He was called Jada Bharata for his inarticulate behavior. Read on to know more how Jada Bharata meets King Rahugana.

Jada Bharata Carries the Palanquin
Jada Bharata was going on with his devotional meditation on the Supreme Lord and externally acting as dumb. Once he was seen by dacoits and they thought of looting him. They took to mother Kali to give him as sacrifice. But all that end in a failure when the deity of Mother Kali cut the heads of dacoits.

After this incident Jada Bharata was found on the shore of River Iksumati. There the king of Sauriva, Sindhu named Rahugana, began a journey to Kapilashram. When his palanquin carriers saw Jada Bharata they thought he will be good for palanquin carrier. He was then employed in carrying the palanquin of the king with force of other palanquin carriers.

As an elevated soul, Jada Bharata fully developed the quality of non-violence towards the living entities. So when he began to walk while carrying the palanquin he carefully saw and hesitated to step on ants on the way. In this way Jada Bharata could not keep the pace of his fellow carriers. This caused the palanquin to jolt again and again which caused so much discomfort to the king.

King Rahugana Shouts at Jada Bharata
King being used to comfort could not tolerate the repeated jolts that he felt due to improper work of Jada Bharata. He became passionate and sarcastically criticized Jada Bharata as follows: “O brother, you appear to be fatigued. May be due to your old age and weak, frail body you may be troubled. Are other carriers are not cooperating with you?”

Unaffected by above sarcasm Jada Bharata continued to carry in the same way. Then Rahugana could not tolerate any more and shouted at him as follows: “You Rascal! Don’t you know Iam your master and you are disrespecting me in this way. I will punish you immediately for this improper behavior so that you may come to your senses.”

Then Jada Bharata reveals himself to the king which is described in a wonderful dialogue.

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