Jada Bharata Reveals Transcendental Knowledge to King Rahugana

The story of King Bharata is described in the 5th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. King Bharata became Jada Bharata who acts as dumb and deaf. Everyone thought of him as burden on the society. But at one instance everyone comes to know about the greatness of Jada Bharata when he gives wonderful discourse on transcendental knowledge of soul to King Rahugana. Read on to know the dialogues….

Palanquin carriers of King Rahugana took Jada Bharata as ordinary person and forced him to carry the palanquin. Jada Bharata could not do this work properly he was hesitating to step on ants on the way. King became very disturbed with the jolts that resulted from the improper carrying of the palanquin.

Jada Bharata Addresses King Rahugana
When King Rahugana shouted at Jada Bharata for this, Jada Bharata simply smiled and began a dialogue on the difference between body and soul. He said, “Dear King, Whatever you have said sarcastically is true. It was my body who carried the palanquin, not I. Iam detached of my body. You said Iam not strong and stout but these words are fitting for those who do not know distinction between the soul and body”.

He continued, “Iam NOT this body. The body may be fat or thin and that is just external covering. No learned man can say such a thing to spirit soul. So you were unknowing correct that Iam not very strong. I have nothing to do with this body and this work as it was my body that was engaged in this work. There is no trouble for me at all.”

“Bodily and mental distresses, fear, hunger, thrist, desires for material happiness, sleep, anger, lamentation, attachment for material possessions and illusion are all transformations or changes of bodily coverings. One who is absorbed in the bodily concept of life will be affected by your words. Iam completely free from bodily concept and thus Iam unaffected by your chastisement.”

He corrected the King as “You think that you are the master but I must inform you that all material positions are temporary. Today you may be the king and I may be servant, but very soon this positions may be reversed. Actually everyone is acting according to the laws of material nature and thus everyone is servant.”

He then concluded, “O King, you have called me a rascal and a crazy fellow. But I beg to inform you that in spite of my living like a madman, Iam actually a self-realized soul. Your punishment cannot affect me anyway. It is like beating a dead horse. Thus you can go ahead and punish me.”

When Jada Bharata spoke all this King Rahugana had immediate change in his heart. He quickly descended from palanquin and fell flat on the ground. He submitted to Jada Bharata by touching his head to lotus feet of Jada Bharata. Thus king was completely transformed with this transcendental knowledge on spirit soul by Jada Bharata.

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