Ajamila: The Brahmana Saved by Holy Name- Part 1

In sixth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam, King Parikshit asks Sukadev Goswami about how a sinful person can be saved from hellish planets. Then Sukadev described process of atonement but King Parikshit was not satisfied. He refers atonement as useless and refers that real atonement to be enlightenment in perfect knowledge. Then comes the beautiful story of Ajamila who saved from Yamadutas by uttering the Holy Name just once.

Ajamila: Brahmana Trapped by a Prostitute
Ajamila was a great brahmana who lived in the city of Kanyakubja, now called Kanauj. When he was young Ajamila was reservoir of good qualities and had very nice character. He was very respectful to elders and superiors and had very gentle and mild behavior. He chanted the mantras very nicely and made great name in Vedic programs.

Once, on the order of his father, Ajamila went to forest to collect some flowers and fruits. While walking on the way he saw a very lusty sudra shamelessly kissing a prostate. As the couple was intoxicated, the dress of prostate became loose and Ajamila could see all that.

This at once awakened dormant lusty desires within Ajamilas heart. Immediately he came under the influence of illusion. It was very hard control his mind. But his intelligence was stolen by the lustful glance of the prostitute. This made him become mad after her. He at once became ready to give away everything for the sake of prostitute.

Ajamila slowly gave away all his inheritance to prostitute. He has ten sons with her and to maintain this family he got involved in all sinful activities. He earned money by cheating and gambling. In this way he reached his old age when his last son was just a baby.

Ajamila somehow got little mercy of Vaishnavas and he named his last son as Narayana. He was very attached to his last son. He constantly call him out with love “Narayana come here, Narayana sit here..” In this way he was unknowingly chanting the Holy Name of Narayana.

When death came near he could see very hideous looking persons with dreadful, deformed features coming to drag him out with ropes. Bewildered Ajamila called out his son, Narayana. Although he called out for his son, he took the Holy Name of Supreme Lord Narayana . By calling out the Name of Lord he became eligible for calling out Vishnudutas.

When Yamadutas were about to snatch Ajamila Vishnudutas stopped them. Then there was discussion among Vishnudutas and Yamadutas which you can read in the next part of the article.

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