Ajamila – The Brahmana Saved by Holy Name – Part 2

In Canto 6 of Srimad Bhagavatam, it is described the story of Ajamila. He was a brahmana who became victim of a prostitute and spent his life in careless way. He accumulated so many sins that while he was dying Yamadutas, the servants of Yama who take sinful people to hell, came to drag him to hell. But at the time of death Ajamila called out for his son Narayana with great feeling. Read on to know what happened after that.

Ajamila witnesses Yamadutas and Vishnudutas
When Ajamila became extremely afraid on seeing Yamadutas he cried out loudly for his son Narayana. Thus somehow he called the Name of Lord inoffensively at his crucial time. Yamadutas were about to take snatch the soul from the body of Ajamila. After hearing the Name of Narayana four Vishnudutas arrived at the spot and said with resounding sound, “Stop there, stop there.”

The Yamadutas had never had such an opposition any time before. With great surprise they responded, “We are Yamadutas, servants of Yamaraj. Who are you to challenge us? Whose servants are you and why have you come here? You look very fresh and youthful. Why are you stopping us from doing our duty?”

Upon hearing this Vishnudutas smiled and replied them, “If you are the servants of Yamraj then you have to explain what is meaning of religious principles and who is fit to be taken to the abode of Yamaraj”.

Then Yamdutas elaborately described what is Dharma, what are the fruitive activities and what is atonement before death. Then they concluded that Ajamila is taken to the abode of Yamaraj for the reason of his sinful activities.

Vishnudutas emphatically argued that at the end his life Ajamila has chanted the name of Lord Narayana. This was enough atonement all his sins. They described the glories of chanting the Holy Name of the Supreme Lord. Vishnudutas released Ajamila from the ropes of Yamadutas. Since Yamadutas were disappointed with the defeat they hastily left to the abode of Yama to explain this episode to Lord Yamaraj.

Ajamila was witnessing all this and at once he got his consciousness back. Then Vishnudutas disappeared from the scene. All this was a great eye opener for Ajamila. He understood his sins and regretted for his careless living. He immediately gave up the company of prostitute and set out for Haridwar, in the banks of Ganges. He became completely absorbed in devotional service for the rest of his life.

Finally at the time of death, Ajamila could witness Vishnudutas who took him back to Godhead. This passage shows the power of the Holy Name of the Lord which saved the Brahmana from the most degraded life. You can read the dialogues between Yamadutas and Vishnudutas for more clarification.

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