Lord Vishnu as Mohini Murty Bewilders Lord Shiva

This pastime of Lord Vishnu bewildering Lord Shiva is described in 8th Canto of Shrimad Bhagavatam.

When Lord Shiva heard the pastimes of Mohini murty during the Samudra manthan, he went to the abode of Lord Vishnu. He was accompanied by his wife Uma and other ghosts. Lord Vishnu received him respectfully and gave a proper seat. Lord Shiva expressed his desire to see His Mohini form.

Lord Shiva’s request was just a joking affair. He was confident that demigods were not agitated by Mohini form then how can he be disturbed. But this request was a challenge for Lord Vishnu. He thought that He has to take such a form that Shiva has to know who is Mohini murty. Then Lord Vishnu replied, “I will show my form as a woman, but you should not blame me if you become agitated.”

Then Lord Vishnu suddenly disappeared so Lord Shiva stood there with his wife Uma. After some time Lord Shiva could see a very beautiful woman playing with a ball in near by forest. As the women was wearing heavy flower garlands. Her waists were so delicate and her feet we so soft and reddish. Her hair was scattered on her face. When she revealed her face behind the hair, lightening appeared on the screen.

This woman was very beautiful. Her eyes were just like fully blown lotus petals. She came near Lord Shiva while playing with a ball. As she chased the ball, Lord Shiva continued to watch her. He forgot completely that he was with his wife Uma. He was so much captivated by the woman that he started running towards her. While chasing her breeze blew away her clothes. Lord Shiva gazed at every part of her and wanted to touch her. Because Lord Shiva senses was stolen away by lusty desires, he became mad to embrace her and ran to approach her.

Lord Shiva ran with great speed to catch her and in that endeavor he got braid of her hair. He dragged her closer though she resisted. While doing this, Lord Shiva involuntary discharged semen which fell on the earth. The places later became gold and silver mines.

The woman was Mohini murty form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva was totally bewildered by this form. When he came to senses, Lord Shiva could know the bewildering power of Supreme Lord Vishnu.

2 responses to Lord Vishnu as Mohini Murty Bewilders Lord Shiva

  1. Okay… so did they, or didn’t they have sex? That is the ultimate question!

    • This pastime says about the bewildering power of Lord Vishnu. It teaches that one should not be proud of one’s sober nature in front of the Supreme Lord. Lord Shiva was epitome of soberness. But he too was bewildered by the Lord. The Book does not describe about the two having sex! But I appreciate the question.

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