King Anga and his Son Vena

The story of King Anga appears in the fourth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. King Anga appears in the family lineage of Dhruva Maharaj. The fifth generation in the linage of Dhruva appeared Caaksusa who became the sixth Manu. Caaksusa begot 12 sons and youngest son by the name Ulmuka. Ulmuka’s eldest son is named Anga.

King Anga Performs Sacrifice
There is a good lesson from the story of Anga. Once King Anga performed asvamedha sacrifice. Though the sacrifice was done perfectly demigods did not appear to give benediction. Then Brahmanas informed King Anga that he could not have a son yet and it means that he has performed sinful activities in his previous life. Then the priests suggested King Anga to perform sacrifice for begetting a son.

Then King Anga performed sacrifice for Lord Vishnu. From the sacrifice appeared a beautiful person who carried golden pot filled with sweet rice. King Anga received the pot of sweet rice with folded hands and respectively bowed down. King Anga smelled the rice and gave it to his wife Sunitha. Due to power of sweet rice the queen Sunitha became pregnant. In due course of time Queen Sunitha begot a son who was named Vena.

Vena Brings Distress to King Anga
Queen Sunitha’s father was irreligious person. It is seen that a son takes after her mother and daughter takes after her father. Thus Vena became took after his mother and grandfather. He grew up very irreligously.

As he grew up, his actions angered King Anga. Whenever he went to forest he killed innocent animals without any reason. He was ugly to see and cruel in behavior. As a boy, all he did was heinous and destructive things. He took great pleasure in troubling others. While he was playing with boys of his age, he used to mercilessly chop them or kill them. His appearance was so frightening that no one would go near him. He gave so much pain to his father Anga. Inspite of repeatedly punishing, King Anga could not brought his son Vena in righteous path.

As he spent sleepless nights, King Anga grieved over his failure of begetting a good son. He saw those who do not have son as the most fortunate people. Then once in the dead of night King Anga left to forest. What happened after King Anga left to the forest…Read the next article to know more!

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