Vena Becomes the King, Being Puffed-Up…. Destroyed

In previous article you read how king Anga was frustrated with his only son Vena for his wicked nature. This story comes in the fourth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. One day in the darkness of night King Anga leaves to forest, never to return. The next morning news spread in all corners of the kingdom. Ministers and servants searched in all directions but could not found king Anga. Emergency was declared in the city and the sages headed by Bhrgu assembled to make some decision on this pathetic condition.

The sages always think of welfare of people in general. They thought that the absence of king may be a great threat to the kingdom and public well-being. They called for Queen Sunitha and decided that her son Vena will be the king. Though Vena’s nature was not satisfactory for the post, everyone have to respect the decision, for it was need-of-the-hour.

After getting the throne Vena became even more puffed up just like a child becomes more adamant on getting everything at his disposal. Vena began to misuse his powerful position. He traveled throughout kingdom and forbade sacrifices and other religious activity. He began exploiting and destroying things. This was brought to the notice of all sages. They were all the more concerned about the behavior of Vena who is a king now.

The learnt sages tried to counsel Vena as follows: “Dear King Vena, we came to give you good advice…Please listen attentively. Duration of life, opulence, reputation and strength of a king are dependent on the religious principles that he follows. Those who are devoid of religious principles dwell in hell. The religious principles are the basis for spiritual advancement. A king should take care of spiritual advancement of public in general and his own family members in particular. If you stop sacrifices, you are ruining the chances of spiritual advancement and ruining your life.”

The above words could not change Vena’s demeanor even the slightest. On the contrary he began to criticize sages saying, “You are inexperienced and hence you are preaching irreligion in the name of religion. Actual it is the king who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One should worship the king and if one does not do that it means that he is not the right person. You sages are envious of me. If you are intelligent then you should have known my superiority and worship me.”

The above words pained the hearts of sages. They cried with great anger, “Let this sinful person be killed. If he lives more, the whole world will be destroyed. How dare he could insult the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” Thereafter just by uttering the mantra ‘HUM’ the brahmanas could kill Vena. Sunitha, her mother came running and shocked by his son’s death. She reserved body of Vena while applying various substances and chanting mantras.

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