Appearance of King Prithu after King Vena’s Death

King Prithu is described in the 4th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. The appearance of King Prithu is very special episode in the book. King Prithu was not born. He appeared from the churning of purified arms of King Vena. Read on to know about King Prithu and his coronation.

Vena Purified Body
Vena was puffed up of his kingly position and disregarded the sages. The sages, who always think in favor of Dharma, killed Vena by uttering Hum mantra. When died his mother Sunitha preserved his body and presented sages for continuing the generation.

The sages saw that body of Vena was powerful enough to produce. The sages appreciated that the semen of those appeared in the dynasty of King Anga is very powerful and thus the children in this dynasty will be godly. They concluded that King Anga’s dynasty should not be stopped. They took Vena’s dead body and began churning his thighs. From the churning Bahuka appeared.

Churning of Vena’s Body
Bahuka was a dwarfish person with a complexion of crow. After his birth he bowed down before the sages and asked what to do. The Sages called him Nisida (please sit down). From then he began the Naisada race. He took charge of sinful reactions of Vena and his classes of people are allowed to live in forest for they indulge in stealing and plundering.

After that the sages churned the two arms of Vena’s body which produced a couple – male and female. With great pleasure, the sages welcomed the appearance of King Prithu and Arci. They declared Prithu as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Arci as the expansion of goddess of fortune. As the brahmanas praise King Prithu, Gandharvas began to sing and Siddhas showered flowers from the sky. Conch shells, bugles, drums resounded in the sky as demigods descended from heavenly planets to the earth. When Lord Brahma observed the lines of Lord Vishnu and marks of lotus flowers on the soles of Prithu’s feet, he could understand that he is a partial representation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Then the sages arranged for the coronation of King Prithu. His coronation is described in detail in the next article.

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