King Chitraketu: The King Laments for a Son

The story of King Chiraketu is described in the sixth canto of Shrimad Bhagavatam. His pastime comes after the story of Vritrasura, when Maharaj Parikshit inquired Sukadeva Goswami about how Vritasura have attained to exalted and pure state of love of Godhead. Maharaj Parikshit inquired in spite of many sages and demigods cannot render pure devotional service unto the Lord, how could such a sinful person as Vritrasura who always gave anxieties to others became so advanced that he rendered such devotional prayers?

To answer Maharaj Parikshit’s question, Sukadeva Goswami narrated the story of Chitraketu. Chitrakethu was a powerful king who ruled the earth and has his kingdom in province Surasena. Maharaj Citrakethu has 10 million wifes and astonishingly he could not have children with any of them. King Chitrakethu wa very handsome, young and highly educated. In spite of all this, King Chitraketu was always in anxiety.

One day sage Angira, who was a mindborn son of Lord Brahma, came to Chitraketu’s palace. King Chitraketu received him properly. He offered the sage food and drink in an opulent way after worshipping the sage. He then sat down next to sage Angira while trying hard to control mind and senses.

The sage congratulated the king for his hospitality. He also praised him for his expert control over his kingdom, ministers and queens. But the sage could easily read his mind. He could know from his pale face that there was something that is disturbing and displeasing him.

Maharaj Chitraketu replied with humility, “O great sage, you could understand internal and external of embodied souls like me because you are free from simful reactions. Yes Iam not happy. As a hungry person cannot be satisfied with flower garlands and sandalwood paste, Iam not pleased with my empire due to not having a son. O great sage, please save my forefathers from hellish life by giving me a benediction of having a son.”

Being merciful to king sage Angira performed a particularsacrifice wherein sweet rice is offered to the demigod Tvasta and the prasadam was given to the one qualified queen Krtadyuti among all queens. Then sage Angira said to the king that he will receive a son soon and he will be the cause of both jubilation (harsa) and lamentation (sokha). Thus name him Harsasokha.

In the next article there is description about Harsasokha.

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