Angira Rishi and Narada Muni’s Instructions to King Chitraketu

In previous articles taken from references of sixth canto of Shrimad Bhagavatam we read the story of Chitraketu lamenting for a son, begetting a son by the mercy of Angira rishi, and losing the son in the jaws of death in the form of poison fed by his co-queens. In this article we shall know how king Chitraketu came out of the lamentation and got enlightened in the science of Self-realization.

King Chitraketu instructed by the sages
When king Chitraketu got the message of his son’s death. He became overwhelmed with grief. He remained like a dead man and sat beside the body of his departed son. Sage Angira knew about the incident and came along with Narada muni to the spot. They began to instruct him in the following ways:

“Dear King what relationship this body has with you. You may say that he was your son and you were his father, but do you think this relationship existed before he was born or will it continue to exist in future. Does it exist now? As the pieces if woods in sea come together and meet for sometime and with force of the waves again separate, in the same way the living entities who accept material bodies come together as relatives and with force of time they get separate. Therefore, there is no need to lament over the artificial parenthood which is controlled by the Supreme Lord.”

“Every living entity is in a temporary situation and whole cosmic manifestation is also temporary. All the varieties of material manifestation are not factual, although they cannot be considered as unreal.”

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead is not personally interested in this temporary manifestation of cosmic nature. Just as a boy on the beach plays while building castles that have no value, the Lord creates a father to beget a son. He actually maintains but engages a king and he is the one who annihilates through His agents for killing. All these instruments of creation, maintenance and annihilation are not independent but due to spell of material nature one thinks himself to be creator, maintainer and destroyer.”

According to his destiny King Chitraketu was not supposed to have a child. For this reason even he married many wives, all of them were barren. By the blessing of Angira rishi a son was granted to the king by the grace of maya, but the child was not to live long.

Hearing the above words from the sages king Chitraketu wiped his tears from his face and became sober. Read on the next article to know what happened after that.

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