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Kanyadaan: Greatest Charity by a Hindu Family

Hindus consider marriage as biggest event in one’s life and ‘Kanyadaan’ is the greatest charity that a family can give. Kanya denotes to a young […]

Vidyarambha Samsakara: Learning the First Alphabet

Vidyarambha is the first day of the child to start learning alphabet. This samsakara is done when the child is 3 to 4 years. This […]

Cuda-karana or Mundan Samsakara: The First Hair-cut of the Child

We have being to haircut many times till now. Do you ever wonder when you had your first hair cut? Well that is also an […]

Namakarana: The Hindu Name-giving Ceremony

Everyone has a name. That name is generally given by parents or elders members of our family members. Hindus celebrate this event of giving name […]

Samsakaras: The Hindu Code of Conduct

Samasakara is the code of conduct done for purification of body, mind and soul. They are sacraments that are traditionally observed by every Hindu at […]

Samsakaras: The Hindu Way of Celebrations

A samsakara is a sacrament of stages or turning points of life. Actually samsakara is found in every culture as it is a part of […]

Foods Mold Our Thoughts

Our thinking molds our personality and dictates the path of our life. Humans have the superior ability to think and reason, which sets them apart […]

What is Brahma Kumaris Organization?

The Brahma Kumaris organization has stimulated much discussion and change ever since its inception. It has expanded at a rapid pace over the decades. Despite […]

Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation

Regular meditation practice can give immense benefits. It calms and relaxes our body and mind. In today’s fast-paced life it is important to replenish our […]

Coping With Negativity

We can easily become negative just by reading the daily newspaper. And, people around us can also affect us with their negative attitude. When we […]