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Varnashrama: Hindu System of Caste and Stage of Life

Hindu caste system is a way of (categorizing the society and the stage of life. In Hindus the social system division is called varna and […]

Shiva Lingam and Its Significance

Shiva Lingam worship is very popular among the Shivaite Hindus. They worship Lord Shiva in the form of Linga. The literal meaning of ‘Linga’ means […]

Rahu Kalam: What is Rahu Kalam?

Rahu kalam is specific time in the day which is considered inauspicious for any venture. This is according to Vedic astrology and each day it […]

Utilities of Darbha: Hindus Rituals

Darbha or Kusha grass is special element in the paraphernalia of Hindu rituals. It is scientifically known as Panic grass and of genus borage species. […]

Darbha or Kusha Grass: The Significance of Darbha Grass in Hindus

Darbha or Kusha grass is a special type of grass which is used in Hindu rituals for purificatory process. This grass is wore as the […]

Adhika Maas – What is Adhika Maas in Hindu Calendar

‘Adhika’ means ‘Extra’ and ‘Maas’ means ‘Month’. That extra lunar month which comes according to the Vedic lunar calendar or Hindu calendar is called Adhika […]

Three and Half Most Auspicious Days of Hindus

In the Hindu calendar there are 3 1/2 days that are especially considered as the most auspicious. They are: Akshya Tritiya Gudi Pavda or Ugadi […]

Brahmotsavam: Why is Brahmotsavam Celebrated

In a Hindu temple several events are celebrated to glorify the Lord. Brahmotsavam or Brahmotsava is one such event which is celebrated seasonally, once in […]

Homam: The Fire God, Types of Homam

Homam is a ritual offering done for various purposes. The word havan or homa is derived from the word ‘hu’ which means to offer. This […]

Havan or Homam: The Hindu Ritual of Fire Sacrifice

A havan or homam is a ritual where offerings are made into a sacred fire. The root word of the havan or homam is ‘ha’ […]